About Us

Sign 4 Learning has been developed and written by Sue Thomas and Katja O’Neill.


Sue2013Sue Thomas is the Senior Early Years Consultant for Luton Council

Sue’s career has been built around her passion to communicate the crucial importance of the earliest years in children’s lives.  Sue began her career in teaching and went on to write for BBC Educational Publishing before moving on to Luton Council where her enthusiasm for early learning shines through in everything she does. Creativity is a key aspect of Sue’s work. From writing educational support materials for the BBC’s Teletubbies and Tweenies through to developing the Sign 4 Learning suite of materials, Sue has shown that she can create materials that will engage children and move them on in their learning.




Katja2014Katja O’Neill has been studying British Sign Language since 2003 and achieved her NVQ level 6 qualification in 2012.  She has been    running her own company, teaching signs from BSL to hearing children to improve verbal communication since 2004.

She joined the ‘SignWithYourBaby’ network which models its teaching around Dr Joseph Garcias award winning programme and became their Regional Coordinator for Europe and Africa in 2005.

Her passion is to maximize the potential for verbal language development in children.  Her creative ways to teach and use signs to facilitate this have proven to be popular and effective, as demand for her classes and workshops continues to grow.

Chair – Curriculum Friendly SIG West Midlands:- Thank you all very much for the Sign 4 Stories and Sign 4 Maths training delivered yesterday.  It was extremely well received, with some fabulous resources to support.  Sue and Katja are excellent presenters and make a great training team, with information delivered at a good pace and with plenty of real-life examples.  It was a real pleasure to work with a team who are clearly passionate about what they do.

Excellent presenters…