Sign 4 Communication

Do you have some children in your school or setting for whom communication is really difficult, perhaps because they are new to learning English or have speech, language and communication needs?

Sign 4 Communication is all about supporting these children consistently, throughout the day, with simple signs in these five key areas:


  • Time to listen
  • Time to eat
  • Time to wash and change
  • Time to play
  • Time to go home


This is a practical and interactive workshop where you will learn a minimum of thirty signs through songs and games.

Feedback from delegates:


“Fantastic introduction to Signing- I have so much to take back to my setting!”


“I can’t wait to put this into practice, and to see the impact on our children.”


The signs taught are British Sign Language signs and are compatible with most signing systems in use in the UK. No prior knowledge of sign language is required.


Please contact us to have this course delivered as INSET in your school or setting

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