Sign 4 Maths

This course shows how new mathematical vocabulary can be learned through songs, rhymes and practical activities, supported kinaesthetically with signs taken from British Sign Language. The signs are specifically targeted to support children’s use of descriptive, comparative and positional language, problem solving vocabulary and the language of addition and subtraction. Using the hands to sign helps children to learn and understand new vocabulary quickly and retain it more effectively.


This is a practical course which has had outstanding evaluations from delegates.


“I will now be able to better support the children who struggle with mathematical language.”


“Will enhance my lessons and make them more visual and active for kinaesthetic learners.”


“The impact will be HUGE! Especially for EAL children.”


No prior knowledge of sign language is required.


Sign 4 Maths for KS1 and KS2 – Coming soon…

New materials are currently being developed to support Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 due to demand from schools.


New vocabulary to sign includes words such as symmetry, perpendicular, radius, axis and many more.


“Using their hands to sign new mathematical vocabulary has definitely supported my children to understand and use these mathematical terms with confidence”


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