Sign 4 Stories

This course will show how the language of narrative can be learned in an active multi-sensory way that children really enjoy. You will learn how to sign key words to SEQUENCE a story [such as first, next and finally] and words to CONNECT it together [such as suddenly, unfortunately, so and but]. Using the hands to sign helps children to learn new vocabulary quickly and to retain and use it more effectively.


“I have not been so excited about an initiative in a long time. You can see the impact almost immediately in the children’s attitudes, speaking and writing. It helps all abilities to understand and retell the story and engages my boys as they are telling the story kinaesthetically.”


This is a practical course which has had outstanding evaluations from delegates.


“Really enthused and looking forward to using it at home and school!”


“Lots of fun in the classroom resulting in the children having a wider vocabulary!”


No prior knowledge of sign language is required.


Please contact us to have this course delivered as INSET in your school or setting

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