Welcome to Sign 4 Learning

Sign 4 Learning is a unique initiative that successfully uses signs taken from British Sign Language to increase targeted vocabulary in hearing children. It was written and trialed in Luton by Early Years and Primary Consultants, together with a qualified BSL signer.


Why sign?



The action of the sign, coupled with the spoken word is a powerful tool that helps children to remember new vocabulary effectively. Children learn best when they are actively engaged and with Sign 4 Learning they are not just hearing and saying new words, but doing them as well!


Data from Sign 4 Learning shows significant and measurable progress towards the EYFS Early Learning goals during the eight week research periods for Sign 4 Stories, Sign 4 Maths and Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour.


 Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour and Sign 4 Little Talkers

Reception class teacher Luton:- I have not been so excited about an initiative in a long time. You can see the impact almost immediately in the children’s attitudes, speaking and writing.”

Exciting initiative…

Michael Jones Talk4meaning:- This is a winning formula!
Sign 4 Feelings and Behaviour will appeal to children, parents and practitioners, giving them loads of prompts for discussion.

I found the characters in the stories, and their feelings and behaviour, instantly recognisable. The parents, practitioners and teachers will too, and so will the children!

Winning formula…

Head Teacher Luton:- Our children have enjoyed the experience of learning signs and are already confident in applying them. Using Sign 4 Maths has had an impact for both children and adults alike. The children are actively engaged in their learning and communication with each other and adults. For the adults it has meant that they are clearer and more specific about their subject knowledge and this also has an impact on the quality of the lesson. The use of the clear strategies ensures that good progress is being secured for all.”

Clear strategies…