Sign 4 Little Talkers Resources

Sign 4 Little Talkers – A new approach to support communication and positive behaviour in two and three year olds.


Set of three books: ‘Feelings’, ‘The Lost Teddy’ and ‘I want that!’ £12 per set no VAT


Little Talkers DVD  £25 plus £5 VAT This DVD contains footage of children joining in with Sign 4 Little Talkers sessions as well as examples of informal play with the books and dolls. A section on the impact of Sign 4 Little Talkers contains comments from parents and practitioners.


Little Talkers dolls:  £8.33 each + VAT [£9.99]

These adorable dolls are the main characters in our stories and really engage the children!


Little Talkers posters £15 + £3 VAT

A set of three posters containing clearly illustrated signs for communication, feelings and behaviour.

The signed vocabulary for communication will support your children to talk about what happens in their lives and to understand and use words such as who, what, why and where.

The signed vocabulary for feelings will support your children to express the many emotions they experience each day, with words such as happy, sad, frustrated, worried and excited.

The signed vocabulary for behaviour will support practitioners, parents and carers to praise their children’s positive behaviour and to promote good manners, sharing and turn taking. Signed words include: please, thank you, calm down, gentle, wait, kind, your turn and listen.

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