Sign 4 Learning in Bangkok!

Early Years consultant Sue Thomas and signing trainer Katja O’Neill have just returned from a trip to Bangkok funded by the Knowledge Source Institute, who provide training for teachers from the International schools. Delegates attended from the International schools in Bangkok, with two even flying in from the International school of Beijing to attend the training.  Sue and Katja delivered Sign 4 Stories, Sign 4 Maths, Sign 4 Feelings & Behaviour and Sign 4 Communication workshops and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
One delegate commented:  “I have not been so inspired and motivated for a very long time.  The content, the speakers, the personal experiences they shared, the chance to actually practice how to sign left me smiling throughout! I cannot wait to put it all into practice!

The Knowledge Source Institute were delighted with this feedback and would like to invite Sue and Katja back to deliver more training in the future.

Sue commented: “It was great to have the opportunity to fly the flag for Luton in an international arena and to have such a positive response”.

Participants in Bangkok                 Sue in Bangkok

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